At Sabriel, we focus on Best Practices for SAP.  This means we encourage our consultants to begin with the industry best practices for a process so that our client is not reinventing the wheel.  All of our consultants have not only extensive SAP experience, but also deep industry experience.  So, by leveraging that experience our clients gain those best practices known to work and known to provide the highest ROI possible.

Sample Best Practices and or Popular Projects

This is but a taste of recent project areas we have addressed:

  • Migration from BW to Business Objects.  Many of our clients are in the midst of this migration.  We can provide consultants with both BW and Business Objects experience to make your transition much easier.
  • New International Rollouts.  Frequently clients need to implement their current SAP blueprint into another region or country.  Sabriel can provide consulting services in all of the major markets.  For very unique country needs, we can work with one of our many partner companies, most of whom are local to the market in question.  Lastly, we have had great success in countries, such as Brazil, in providing dual-citizen consultants who can travel freely and who know "both sides" of such a project and can be invaluable resources in ensuring success.
  • Cost Reduction.  Many of our projects have involved leveraging SAP to reduce cost.  These range from an improved Inventory Management project where we leveraged SAP to reduce RM and WIP inventory so significantly that the company saved a large percentage of their previous incurred cost, to a re-engineered Customer Service process which enabled the client to reduce their Customer Service organization due to significantly improved productivity.
  • Standardization.  We recently helped a major consumer products company standardize disparate processes - but supported differently by SAP - into one coherent "best practice" process.  This not only improved the business process itself, reducing overall cost, but also reduced the cost to support SAP and enabled the IT resources to better focus on other areas.

These are but a sample of the projects Sabriel has performed for clients.  Talk to your representative for more.

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