The success of your next project depends on many factors - the most important of which is people. You deserve an IT solutions provider with a long history of delivering outstanding results on even the most complex of projects and the tightest of schedules.  You deserve a consultant who will work side-by-side with your team — days and nights, doing whatever it takes to meet your project deadlines.

Some of our customer successes on the consulting side are:

orange checkA global SAP implementation for a major manufacturer of industrial products

A global Fortune 1000 company needed to replace their 20 year old ERP system with the best-in-class available from SAP.  A complex impementation spanning four years, 13 Countries, 34 facilities and over 3000 users, we supplied the SAP expertise across almost all SAP modules that this company needed for a successful implementation.  When you have unique requirements that span the globe, that span the modules of SAP and that span the range of necessary experience, Sabriel can help. 

orange checkA US implementation of SAP for an Aerospace manufacturer

When a mid sized Aerospace parts manufacturer needed a new ERP system for their growing business, we supplied the SAP resources to make their implementation a success.  By leveraging outside project resources, this company was able to staff-up their project for the requirements collection and implementation, and then save cost through creating their own in-house SAP support team.  After a successful on-time, on-budget implementation, and a complete knowledge-transfer from our consultants, this company is now 100% self-sufficient on SAP.

orange checkA Brazilian implementation of a Financial management system for a US multi-national

When a client in Brazil needed resources to implement a new Financial Management System, we provided both local resources as well as US-based dual Brazil/US citizens with unique expertise, in order to complete their project.  As an example of the very unique resources Sabriel can provide, we were able to provide specific Brazilian localization expertise with a team that worked in the US and Brazil.  Again, once the project was complete our team transferred 100% of the configuration knowledge to the client's internal team.

orange checkA US and China SAP implementation for a consumer products business

When a US sporting goods manufacturer needed a new ERP system to run their new China operations, and replace their existing US system, we supplied the expertise in both China and the US to make this project a success.  As a smaller company, our client did not have the budget to create a large internal IS team.  Instead, we supplied a core group of SAP experts who were able to execute the implemenation in close cooperation with our client's internal resources.  Upon culmination of the successful on-time, on-budget implementation, a small internal IT team took complete ownership of the system.

orange checkProviding guidance to a major national not-for-profit organization whose ERP implementation went poorly

When a nationally recognized not-for-profit organization was in need of help with an incomplete ERP system implementation, they turned to us for advice on how to correct the situation.  Our team reviewed the original project requirements, as well as the current state of the implemented system, and provided a path-forward which involved re-engaging the ERP vendor to complete the project correctly, rather than engage an entirely new team.  Although we would have loved to execute the project ourselves, the proper way to proceed was with the original vendor.  To the relief of our client, the re-implementation progressed smoothly and the vendor delivered as originally promised.

orange check A custom portfolio management system for a major NYC brokerage

Our client, a Fortune 500 investment firm, needed a custom portfolio management software system which could keep better track of client goals, investment preferences and activity than the in-house software currently in use.  Our team performed extensive analysis of their needs, interviewed clients and engineered a solution which addressed each need requested and which improved their broker's productivity significantly.  When time was of the essence and client relationships at stake, this brokerage house trusted us to create the solution they required to continue to raise the bar in their field.

orange checkA custom software internationalization system for a global software maker

When a fast-growing $200MM US-based software company wanted to expand overseas they turned to us to create a software localization platform that would enable them to quickly roll-out their software into dozens of international markets.  Our team engineered a very unique, and very scalable, solution that enabled our client to leverage a very distributed team of software developers and writers in a very automated process for localizing their software.  Our platform enabled this company to double sales through the opening of these new markets.


These are just a few projects of similar scope and complexity. 


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"From pretty much the first week our consultant seemed like part of our team.  Even though our project team was international, working on web conferences and calls all worked swimmingly.  When we needed our Sabriel consultant to travel, whether to Europe or another continent, he always went where he was needed.  Our project was actually very stressful but he handled the management of everyone quite well.  Overall we could not have been happier and our team members really liked working with (and sometimes for) him.  Thank you!"

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