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"I thought our consultant was going to be a technical SAP HR person.  In reality, she was a project leader who knew everything about SAP HR.  She delivered everything that was promised, any them some actually.  Being really versed in HR from some previous non-IT HR experience turned out to be really valuable because we actually changed much more than SAP.  In any case, our project went better than we expected and we'll be calling for her again.

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SABRIEL's  #1 commitment is to you, our client.  We will provide you with customer service beyond what you are accustomed to. SABRIEL offers a 100% guarantee on any of the services we provide.  We are also 100% referenceable.  There is no room for mistakes with personnel decisions, which is why we are so focused on quality and ensuring your satisfaction.  We remove your risk by providing our gaurantee.


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